Like any organisation seeking to halt a decline, pope Francis  could have called upon  David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney of Appreciative Inquiry. These specialists  recommend starting a change by taking stock of views at all levels of the organisation before arriving at a plan.

Synodality is the name Pope Francis has given to an inquiry proces for the Church. To ensure he might get the opinions of all types of people, he has asked bishops and a variety of other people to collect opinions. It is not obvious that at the synod session Octber 2024 the 500 participants will agree on debatable issues. But study committees that meet six months later, might reached consensus on some. It will be left to the pope to use the outcome for taking dississions. As long as no independant inquirer is involved the roots of the outdated monarchical structure will not be affected. We are pleading for an 11th study committee. About us