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It took us more than 50 years to discover what we are missing in the Church.



During the deliberations of the council sessions of Vatican II, the bishops agreed that the church needed to be renewed.  Ten years later, the curia in Rome showed unwillingness to apply even one of the council's crucial proposals. A significant number of priests left the priesthood. All over the world, change minded Catholic organizations collected many abuses in the monarchic system that needed to be corrected. Publicity surrounding the abuse of children by members of the clergy and continued discrimination against women was a drag on the Church's image. During the synod period 2023/2024, the  willingness of participants to change some features of the system is increasing.  Changing the system itself into a charity coöperation or a chain of addresses where the needy receive help, is nowhere on the agenda. With such a change, the church will be on the road with Jesus of Nazareth. That is why we are on the Internet with this website.



Miriam Duignan from the United Kingdom

Paul Hwang from Korea

Peter Mbuchi Methu from Kenya

Deborah Rose from the United States

Virginia Saldanha from India

Ed Schreurs from the Netherlands

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