About us



Since 2013, some free-thinking Catholics in the south of the Netherlands under the name Visie  van Gelovigen (Vision of Faithfull People) have been looking for means to structurally change their Church. Over the years they have supported many international initiatives and have taken some  actions of their own.



In June 2018, they decided to focus henceforth on the realization that the gospel inheritance is only to be found among the grassroots.


They work on the promotion of dialogues in an  ecumenical setting. They use websites in Dutch and English.



Team members are


Johan Callens,


Michel Besnard,


Edwin van de Oetelaar,


Kees Lambregts


and Ed Schreurs.


Postal address: Vision of Faithful People, Grensheuvel 2, 5685 AG Best NL. T +31 499 376480