About us


This website has been created in 2021 by Ed Schreurs after support received from different parts of the world for the idea of double care.


Vaticum II contained directions  for updating the structure of the Catholic Church. But up to now, more than 50 years later nothing has changed at all.


Participating in change orientated organizations did turn out to be a waste of time and energy..


Ten years study of church history did not produce an explanation for the present deadlock until the fame emerged from the very first Christians.


Returning to the original Christianity is requiring sacrifices and willingness from bishops and repeteadly insistence  of civilians. On this website you will find tools for approaching bishops again and again to the original Christianity.


Postal address: mr Ed H. Schreurs, Grensheuvel 2, 5685 AG Best NL. M +31 628538029