Dialogue at home


Future Church


 When in the Netherlands freedom of religion was introduced, suppression of Catholics by protestants ended. For 300 years Catholics had kept their faith alive by  gathering in house churches.

The present opposition to living the gospel is more refined than brutal, but effective.   When eventually, let us say in 2050, gatherings are attracting only thirty faithful people or less, the Spirit of Jesus Christ can once again can survive in  house churches. We can prove it at this moment by getting together with youngsters, neighbors  and strangers, finding each other in ecumenical house sessions. Read more




People need structure in order to make decisions. The ideal starting point is appreciative solidarity. Some call it synodality.

Synodality is the precondition for dialogue and for a people's synod. For a study read




Real dialogue is listening to each other's story and appreciate diversity. How smaller the group is, how more time you can give each participant. One can choose for a circle of 10, 20 or more people with only two minutes for each participant.

We opt for one group or more with six to eight people at a table. Read  table dialogue