Concept of Behavioural traits


a. Making optimum use of one's own qualities for further development

b.  To be useful in a small circle and for a larger unit.

c. In good consultation with others 

d. to save nature and improve society.

e.  With support for equal treatment of fellow human beings regardless of gender, nationality, language, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, social status or opinion.   

f.   Always looking for information in order to act responsibly according to one's own conscience.

g.   With respect for every type of family     

h.   With respect for everyone's right to a good name

i.   Giving free control over life and death to everyone.

j. Letting the choice to joining a community be everyone's own choice

k.  Participate as much as possible in the decision-making process within one's own circle.

l.   Support measures for the application of human rights, social justice and international law.

m.  With special care for those in need of assistance.

n.   Supporting freedom of expression with respect for the values of fellow human beings.

o.   Encouraging parents to protect their children from violence and sexual abuse

p.   Encouraging those who provide children with adequate information about ideals.



The circulair way of dialogue


In business, a circle is often formed for a conversation that is less personal but offers the opportunity to involve a large group of people in a problem in a short period of time.
The management launches a problem and a number of possible decisions. Each person present is given the opportunity to express
in a few words a motivated preference.





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The picture shown above was taken in Bratislava during a circular deliberation on the autonomy of conscience.