Deeds of charity

The pope, a bishop or a pastor might try to convince believing listeners that truly taking to heart the message of Jesus is not just listening to a sermon but tantamount  emulating the first Christians and caring for those around them and especially those in need.
The Greek historian Plutarchus wrote of Christians that they were known to the Romans as people who cared for each other and especially for the poor.
It turns out that Christians were unable to sustain this individual practical concern for each other and for the poor once they started meeting in larger groups. During big meetings believers can only listen to explanations of the Holy Scriptures. When explaining Holy Scripture, the speaker or writer is unable to impose or initiate solidarity of individual believers. Only in smaller groups participants can support each other's effort to live the gospel.
Those participating in the synod might design an advice for the pope in this regard. Having practical Christianity visible again at the bottom of the Church in smaller groups fits with Pope Francis's idea of an inverted pyramid.