Meaning of living

Design lines of conduct for compassionate idealism

·          To make the best use of one's own talents and skills  

·         To be valuable in a small circle or in a larger one  

·         In concert with others

·         For saving nature

·         For improving something in society

·         Supporting equal treatment of fellow human beings, regardless of gender, nationality, language, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, social status or beliefs 

·         Always seeking information to act responsibly according to one’s conscience

·         Respecting each family unit

·         Respecting everyone's right to a good name 

·         Allowing everyone free control over their own life and death

·         Allowing each person the choice of whether or not to join a community

·         Participating to the best of one's ability in the decision-making process within one's own circle

·         Supporting the application of human rights, social justice and international law

·         With special care for the needy

·         With support for free speech, observing the values of fellow human beings

·         With support for those who seek to protect children from violence and sexual abuse

 ·         With acclaim for those who ensure that children receive nuanced information about ideals and worldviews.


The circulair way of dialogue


In business, a circle is often formed for a conversation that is less personal but offers the opportunity to involve a large group of people in a problem in a short period of time.
The management launches a problem and a number of possible decisions. Each person present is given the opportunity to express
in a few words a motivated preference.

The attached picture has been taken during a circulair deliberationthe authonomy of conschience





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