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Jesus’s message was that the kingdom of God, the kingdom of justice had arrived.

Unfortunately within a few years after the apostles went abroad, they obscured this message unwillingly. Paul and John set the trend.


Paul constantly had to answer Platonic philosophers, Jewish and other opponents.

He got absorbed by solving conflicts and by organizing communities of converted Gentiles. Eventually his overseers (or bishops)  created a structure which later grew out into an empire, a pyramid with the ignorant and patient laity on the floor, elders (or priests) as their shepherds, overseers as royal rulers and the pope as their appointee.


The gospel of John started with a poem which attracted Hellenists who sympathized with sophism and mythology but which caused the scientific problem how to combine the Logos concept with monotheism. Year by year faithful communities were more snowed under by scientific options around Logos as Son of God.


The kingdom of justice from the son of men disappeared behind a curtain of organizational decrees and  theological theories which had nothing to do with the problems of the underprivileged, nothing with care for each other, little with ordinary rational thinking and nothing with the arrival of the kingdom of justice.

This system of decrees and theories has become the heritage which we got from our ancestors.  As good Catholics we have to live with it for a while. But….


If pope Francis is on our line, he has reason to be silent about a lot. So he will not  support decrees of bishops of any nature. Instead of countering accusations on hypothetical theories he continues to declare that the grassroots no longer are the ignorant and patient laity, that all faithful people are invited to make the arrival of the kingdom of God visible not for a system but for the world in their capacity as members of a general priesthood and as shepherds of each other and of the underprivileged. 


As reform minded Catholics we start anticipating on the needed changes by organizing ourselves as good shepherds and promoters of the ideal paradigm.  Independently we organize ourselves as grassroots who care indiscriminately for each other and for the underprivileged.  We seek cooperation with officers of systems when the officers are prepared helping to make people in the pews aware of needed changes.  We gather, mail and phone as a team of dialogue participants in order to exchange ideas how to word what should change and how to extend the network of interested faithful people. We do not compare ourselves with salesman who apply a strategy for reaching yearly targets. The team of dialogue participants has ideals for the long term.


With pope Francis we ignore false accusations but start whistle and awake the silent patient grassroots and make them aware that only love and care is real participation in the kingdom of justice and sign with the Latinos <>


Ed Schreurs

Former migrants pastor


Tactical Team

Ed H Schreurs, coach

Edwin van den Oetelaar, technician

Kees Lambregts, teacher

Johan Callens, strategy

Peter vd Tillaard, p.r.

Michel Besnard, network




Quote 1

If you want to break into a devil’s circle, you have to deny it completely


Quote 2

Christianity has changed already. Churchgoing has been replaced by gatherings of volunteers


Quote 3

Make space for the reign of justice



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