The dream ofJesus

Bishops may be able to preserve the gospel and the church from much adversity and bring them incredible prosperity


Jesus dreamt of a space where charity would triumph over injustice, greed and lust for power. He called it the reign of God.


As bishops renounce absolute monarchy, they hesitantly are filling the open space. They are replacing lecturing by caring.  Gradually, they put the focus of their own secretariat more on raising funds for a centre of charity.


Such a centre of charity will value volunteers only by their willingness to sacrifice and by their suitability for a specific function. Eventually, this centre will offer refugee care, food pantry services, get pro bono lawyers, accountants and other suitable servers who, like the first Christians, have the spirit of the Good Samaritan and take care of needy people and of each other.

This evolution could be speeded up as soon as bishops put the issue on the agenda of their council. Rome would be the primus inter pares with the centre of charity par excellence.


If a bishop is one of the those evolving their secretariate in this way, we would love to support this planning.


Vision of people of faith


Deborah Rose from the United States

Ed Schreurs from the Netherlands

Miriam Duignan from the United Kingdom

Paul Hwang from Korea

Peter Mbuchi Methu from Kenya

Virginia Saldanha from India


Diocesan Centre

- Creating an open structure

- Nominations

- Appointments

- Demarcation of diocesan generosity

- Delimitation of individual generosity

- Choice of international needs

- Choice of local needs

- Establishment of funds for occasional disasters

- Conscience building