The spirit of God placed in our mind, can search for the best attitude in a precarious situation. It can weigh the benefit or/and  harm to nature, society, family, health, and so on, and sees what is feasible.  Stories from different people may help us.

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When dilemmas of conscience are on the agenda, The gospel will show an invitation for action.


The question then is: "What do you say and what do you do when you sit down with  acquaintances and they ask you what to do in case of a precarious situation such as


unwanted pregnancy,

life-threatening childbirth,

domestic violence,

desire for termination of life,


drug abuse,



unruly children,


prolonged stress,

mounting debt,


prolonged bed rest

and housing shortage

In such situations it makes sense to get together

with likeminded people and listen to eachother's experience.