Way out

Encounrering the Church crisis could be done in two different ways. Either the church eliminates the evils one by one or bishops exchange the present system by a network of good Samaritans and a humanitarian philosophy..


It is good always to have the dreamt Samaritan network in mind as the dreamt final stage. It fits with the talks of Pope Francis about the Church as a hospital. It would give the world ethos an opportuniy to grow. See perspective


But it is in the short run not feasible. Priests and bishops see their position endangered. Reform-minded catholics are not used to this perspective. 


Efforts to eliminate evils one by one can be found on the so-called synodal path where bishops are willing or not to read why changes are needed. Progress has been made on the way to punish secrecty around child abuse. Discussions on lifting obligatory celibacy for priests and the ordination of women priests get astray in different theological theories.


A feasible step is the introduction of the eighth sacrament, the sacrament of service. A qualified woman or man is called by a small community to inspire and care as a good Samaritan and has to be installed by imposition of hands in a special liturgy of relevant lectures from the Old Testament and the New one and of appropriate songs.