Way out


Encounrering the crisis could be done by eliminate the evil consequences of the erroneus choice one by one. Efforts in that direction can be found on the so called synodal path where bishops get to know the changes wanted by the grassroots.

A less time consuming approach would be the exchange of sacramental mysterie around priesthood by the dreamt worldwide net of charity and justice.

Both approaches meet stronge opposition from officals with a position in the existing system.

Our choise is the second method as on grassroot level it gives straightaway the opportunity to support charity first  groups, teams or communities and create more of them. The evils of the past  can be left aside. Within these groups will be room for


- Listening to everyone's personal story

- Caring for each other

- Special care for the poor and other needy

- Equal rights for women

- Equal rights for LGBT people

- Equal rights for (re)married people

- Marriage optional for ministers

- Participation of every attendee in decision-making

- Accountability and transparency

- Referring crimes to civil authorities

- Entrusting family matters to married couples

- Support for an independent judicial process

- Synods of representatives from all ranks

- Meals with people of a different persuasion- Commitment to saving nature

- Election of caring leaders by the community

- Break-up once a community is too large.


In 2021 Peter-MbuchiMethu, Nairobi Kenya, Interfaith Africa,  Paul Huang,Incheon City, Korea, Woori Theology Institute (WTI) in Seoul/ and Ed Schreurs,Best Netherlands, Vision of faith agreed to launch the dream.

Some reformminded catholics commented that no bishop would be willing to propose that form of community in his diocese. On reflection, this was a misplaced remark. It is not compatible with the inverted pyramid of pope Francis. The initiative to align a small charitable community or team should be taken by the laity themselves, without waiting for the permission of a bishop.


Listening and caring involves a chalenge in precarious situations. For details see chalenge.