Dutch Catholics

During the  300 years of suppression, they survived

in small home churches. Since 1850 they enjoyed freedom for more than 100 years. More than 50 years ago their freedom was oppressed anew, this time by the Roman Curia. Parishes and communities are shrinking. The faithful may again retread into small home churches. Read more

People of the way

With that name the first Christians were identified. Their gatherings were characterized by synodality.

Angela Berlis wrote about it in 2002

The ITC International Theological Commission published study in 2017




Room For Dialogue is supporting plans for ecumenical dialogues on matters of conscience like Amoris Laetitia, unwanted pregnancy, birth control,  voluntary death, destination of life, unemployment, poverty, environmental care, empty pews, help for  LGBT’s, balance between law and love etc and a Dutch Catholic People's Synod

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For the time being RFD has chosen for the system of Nederlandindialoog.

The main features are that 6-8 people on a table accept the attitude to listen to each others story for 10 minutes on turn and keep to only open questions.

This listening attitude is also called sinodality.

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Evangelical humanism

Christianity is no religion

October 20 2017 in a lecture for some Belgian critical Catholics Jean-Pol Gallez painted the original meaning of the message of Jesus.

He based his argument on studies of theology professor Joseph Moingt (1915-)

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No Deal


Supporting an  Institute that is based on an evil deal, does not fit honest to God faithful people.


Many individual people have given their life for others like Jesus of Nazareth did 2000 years ago. He and they  did so out of sorrow for the underprivileged, not on behave of an association or religion of which they might have been  member. However big organizations claim deeds of their members as their own. With such claims they hide their own wrongdoings or emptiness and deceive ordinary faithful people. More




Jesus’s message was that the kingdom of justice had arrived. Unfortunately within a few years after the apostles went abroad, they obscured this message unwillingly. Paul and John set the trend. More

Folk Synod

November 18 2018 there will be a folk synod for Catholics from all corners of the world at Aparecida Brasil.

Down here you will find the latest letter of the French coordinator, ten proposals, the idea of a shadow cabinet, the jobs involved and some comment. More


R.C Church at present


of the present attitude of reform-minded Catholics. More

Aims in the past

Issues discussed: The pyramid, Deacons, Family life, Couples, Eucharist, Prayer and Justice. More

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Tactical Team

Ed H Schreurs, mentor

Edwin van den Oetelaar, technician

Kees Lambregts, teacher

Johan Callens, strategy

Peter vd Tillaard, p.r.

Michel Besnard, network



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Dutch critically Catholics association


World wide association of reform minded Catholics