Synodality is the name Pope Francis has given to the planned process of changing the Church.

Like any organisation seeking to halt a decline, he could have called on specialists like David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney of Appreciative Enquiry. They recommend starting by taking stock of views at all levels of the organisation before arriving at a plan.

Indeed, to ensure that opinions come from all types of people, Pope Francis asked all bishops and a variety of other people to collect opinions. 

To make these opinions productive, he could come up with concrete proposals during the final sessions and figure out how to adapt them as a whole or just for specific parts of the world. He might plan to make celibacy optional and deacon ordination available to female and male candidates. He might advice individual believers how to encourage eachother  to live the gospel by gathering and exanging ideas in small groups.

Participants in the synod are supposed to consult as many people as possible.

Any change-minded Catholic is free to send opinions to the participants.