Love in action

So what's left to believe?

That's a question Catholics ask themselves when they read how bishops repeatedly act in disbelief.

You can look for solutions with others at meetings; you can look in books;  or focus solely on caring for each other and for people who need your help.

In 2012, 30 reform-minded Catholics gathered in Washington, DC. The purpose of this meeting was to establish the Nonviolent Actiom Institute to change the church. At the end, Ed Schreurs received the book LOVE IN ACTION by Richard Taylor. Back home in the Netherlands, he began to analyze the suggestions made.

This book dissects the peaceful means Gandhi used in India against oppression by the British. He got it done that India became an independent country. The question is whether we can use similar tactics to change our Church. The Roman Catholic Church is a kind of state. The Church has extensive legislation; it exercises authority; it can severely punish those who depend on it. But her authority is not limited to a certain territory. You can't have a crowd of people demonstrating or boycotting worldwide. So the desired changes cannot be enforced as Gandhi did in India.

A closer look reveals that the Church does have an incomparable origin. Over the years it has become clear that anyone who knows how to dissect this origins, will discover an Achilles heel. So there is reason for a deep dive into the history books.