Concept for surveys


For ages decisions in the Roman Catholic Church were taken by the the pope on base of what bishops, especially cardinals would tell him. It was difficult for him to discover whether ordinary church members had a different opinion.

Now pope Francis wants to have the opinion taken from all ranks of baptized Catholics before the next international gathering of bishops. Therefore we created a questionnaire


Elements of an ideal faihful community


a.Equal rights for women

b Equal rights for LGBT people

c. Equal rights for (re)married people

d. Allow priests to be married

e. Devision of power in the Church.

f. Judging about family issues entrusted to married people.

g. Creation of an independent court of appeal

h. Have representatives of all ranks of baptized participating in Councils.

i.  Periodical communal meals with indiscriminately invited guests.

j.  Readiness for practising double care


This is a concept to be put available for surveys later.

Visitors are invited to use  the questionnaire down here for advicery comment.

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