Jesus taught charity and that before God all people are equal. Yet for centuries the Roman Catholic Church clung to this structure. As long as the great masses could not read or write, they managed to cover up the ill effects. But the credulity of Catholics quietly changed when education began to develop on a large scale. Over the course of several centuries, believers learned to ask questions about evil things. But answers did not come.  The press began to play a role. Eventually, modern media became decisive. Independent investigators made public evidence  that in Boston bishops had systematically covered up child abuse, denied help to victims, and given new opportunities to those who had abused children. New scandals bring negative publicity to the church over and over again. Horror stories past and present are associated with fairy-tale authority once granted to bishops. It is clear that the Church will only emerge from the current crisis once bishops relinquish their superior position. Then there will be room for vital christian principles as

- Care for one another

- Special care for the needy

- Equal rights for women

- Equal rights for LGBT people

- Equal rights for (re)married people

- Marriage optional for coaches

- Referral of crimes to civil authorities

- Support for an independent judicial process

- Meetings of representatives

- Commitment to the preservation of nature

- Election of caring coaches