In 2021 Peter-Mbuchi Methu, Nairobi Kenya, Interfaith Africa, 

Paul Huang, Incheon City, Korea, Woori Theology Institute (WTI) in Seoul/

and Ed Schreurs,Best Netherlands, Vision of faith

agreed to launch the dream of a world wide network of individuals and small gatherings

practicing charity and caring for each other and for the poor


In such  small gatherings of good Samaritans will be room for:

- Listening to everyone's personal story

- Caring for each other

- Special care for the poor and other needy

- Equal rights for women

- Equal rights for LGBT people

- Equal rights for (re)married people

- Marriage optional for ministers

- Participation of every attendee in decision-making

- Accountability and transparency

- Referring crimes to civil authorities

- Entrusting family matters to married couples

- Support for an independent judicial process

- Synods of representatives from all ranks

- Meals with people of a different persuasion

- Commitment to saving nature

- Election of caring leaders by the community

- Break-up once a community is too large.

- Appriative enquiry in precarious situations.

See the link Apretiative enquiry