Perspective future


According to reports from Nairobi, there are a 180.000 small communities in Africa without a priest. In South America, following the example of the group around Leonardo Böff, there must be as many. The Netherlands has 46.

If the Pope would sanctions the choice of these guides, the small communities will have reason to place him at the center of their network. He can help them realize his dream and experience in their midst that the Gospel means  


- Listening to each person's personal story

- Caring for one another 

- Special care for the needy

- Equal rights for women

- Equal rights for LGBT people

- Equal rights for (re)married people

- Marriage optional for guides

- Participation of all attendees in decision-making

- Transparency and accountability 

- Referring crimes to civil authorities

- Entrusting family matters to married couples

- Support for an independent judicial process

- Gatherings of representatives from all walks of life

- Meals with people with different religious viewpoints

- Commitment to saving the natural world

- Election of caring guides by the community

- Discussing dilemmas of conscience


          This last one calls for action. See action