Reveiling of evils


Jesus created a movement for charity and justice. The first christians extended the movement with gatherings in Jerusalem and different other cities. Among the Romans these christians were known for their care for eachother and especially for the poor. But something went wrong.

A few years after the death of Jesus also Jacob, Paul and Peter were killed Then the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed completely.  The local community dissolved. Members fled the country and with them some temple priests. The christian community in Rome gave asylum to both groups. However these priests brought with them a veil of supernatural power. Originally unnoticed, the acceptance of this power caused a split in the ranks of christians. It even got the feeding ground for the later development of a reign of priests and epikopoi with no tradition for charity and justice but with laws to maintain authority and power. It became the origin of advantages and disadvantages of oligarchy.  Modern media revealing of the evils of such a reign are causing a crisis  from which a way out may look almost impossible.

Way out