Remarried Catholics


Amoris Laetitia is a letter of pope Francis which world wide gets opposition.

Some cardinals, bishops and theologians are opposed to parts of this letter because according to the pope remarried people should not always be refused to participate in communion. These clerics hold on to Canon Law which does not provide for exceptions.

Also some lay people may oppose exceptions because of painful experiences.

The following statement is drafted by Catholic opinion Poll, an independent opinion collector


Support for pope Francis

We, the undersigned support Amoris Laetitia.

We realize that millions of Catholics, other Christians and trustworthy non-Christians hold on to their marriage vows amidst of almost daily temptations to break them. They may have friends or relatives who applied at the Vatican in vain for an exception, who managed to hold on to the vows in spite of sickness or unfaithfulness of the partner or of other pain. We honor any endurance. The law has not to be changed. But this does not enable us to justify the whitewash of a non-evangelical law application. Anybody  who know or suspects that a church visitor has once or often  broken Canon Law or any of the ten commandments cannot refuse communion to this person, shake hands or wish peace without condemning himself or herself. The gospel says: do not condemn anybody if you do not want to be commended yourself. It is up to the conscience of each church visitor self to decide to go forward or stay in the pew for any reason whatsoever.