CCB Communities

In the Netherlands we don’t have a structured Collective of Communities like  many other European countries have.


In the Dutch language region there are more than 50 small faithful communities. In the city Utrecht a few are joined under the name <Bezield Verband Utrecht>. This group organized a national dialogue session March 27 2016. Almost all communities were represented. The hot item was a plan of Archbishop W. Eijk to close more churches. He is used to do this without prior consultation of local communities. Mariënburg an association of critical Catholics together with others is offering a help desk OKG for existing communities and for those to come.  


A lobby for national and European collectives has been started recently. All are asking what they gain by joining such structures.


All communities have their own website in Dutch. Vision of Faithful People is the only website in the Netherlands with information in English about renewal of the Catholic Church.