A misunderstanding is threatening the outcome of the synodality proces, courageously  started by Pope Francis in 2021 in preparation of a session of the synod in 2023. The pope wants the church to be lifted out of the present crisis by listening first to ideas of ordinary people. He has asked his bishops to inventorize and register what people have to say. The secretary of the synod has given them three main themes; they are communio, participatio and missio. What do they mean?  


It is understandable that church officers primarily translate communio, participatio and missio as themes for teaching the flocks. Their study and their office is based on the culture of authority and obedient followers. They can't leave overnight a culture that has absorbed them for 50 years or more. They see on the theme missio a task to teach the flock how to find more members for the Church monarchy.


But times have changed. During ages the Church was expanded by force. The Church doesn't have that power any more. Even the time that thousands of missionaries started hospitals is over. Church members are discovering that the Church monarchy has no attractive function in modern times. Her mysterious liturgy has been analyseed as based on a tale.  


But the spirit of missionaries has produced more volunteers than ever before. What do we discover when we look at all those who care for their neighbors and for those who need help. Statistics show that in some countries 30%of the population fit this jacket. So do former catholics, protestants, hindoes, humanists, boedists and others. You could call them the new church without structure as long as the structured church fails to embrace charity as its main purpose and does not aboard discrimination and authorative policy. 


Missio needs rethinking. It means not to change of the mind or spirit of volunteers for care but to have the structured Church changed into an organization that excels so much in charitive policy that eventually all the 30% of our population will be glad to see a powerful force supporting their daily action or suffering for others. For the coming 10 years the church minded people themselves have to emphasize time and again that communio means listening of church officers without discrimination, that participatio means giving away jobs to the most talented (I think of an independent court of justice and of a financial management team of accountants) and that missio means making the Churrch structurely attractive by aiming it primarily at charity.


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