Mental disorder distroys the Church


Dear Mrs. McAleese 


With a bad grace I have been reading 800 pages of <In the Closet of the Vatican> of the French sociologist Frederic Martel. It made me go back to the years of my own seminary time 1947-1959 and experiences with homosexual friends. I myself am hetero but I started sympathizing with bishops who are blocking changes in the Church and their frozen unchristian mental disorder developed during their adolescence. Since 2013 I have been looking for ways to further changes in the Church. Eventually, I realize all efforts will be in vain until this generation of bishops has died or been cured by psychotherapists. The lastoption will only be possible if promoted by a scientist supported by a study of Psychoanalysts. On the invitation for the Bristol Conference, I saw your special ambition<Homosexuality and Women>. My terrain is only theology and Dutch civilLaw. As such I have made a suggestion as follows. May the Spirit help you to make it useful. 


With the issue homosexuality and women, one gets to a problem that affects more than halfof the priests, bishops and, cardinals in Rome. Who writes about it,  might not seek publicity like the French sociologist Frederick Martel with his book < In the Closet of theThe Vatican> but his 2000 interviews reveal the complicity of an influential special mental disorder.  Gay bishopsof 60 years or older carry with them the impact of incomprehension or evenhostility they had experienced in the middle of the last century. During their adolescence, they struggled with their own unwanted orientation until they developed an escape ideology. This ideology contains misogyny and an aversion to anything that has to do with other people's sex life. One can recognize the affected bishops by their opposition to any change in the Church which affects celibacy, family life, women,  married priests, and remarried couples. They are not receptive to theological or rational arguments.

A paper on this subject may be useful for the whole church if enough psychologicalanalysts have been found to support the plea to eradicate with root and branch the evil that has dominated the policy of the church for so long.


Ed Schreurs

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    Colm Holmes (Friday, 23 July 2021 17:43)

    Colm Holmes

    20 jul. 2021 23:47

    Dear Ed,
    Reply from Mary McAleese:

    thanks Colm

    please give my thanks to Ed. i will be sticking to the law -canon and human rights-however in my address ... the psychologists are welcome to raise Ed’s intriguing analysis