Symposium on priesthood

 For centuries, LGBT people met a hostile society. But the Catholic Church offered boys an asylum in the priesthood with its rule of celibacy. But occasionally this rule has unwanted side effects. Effects which jeopardize particular dialogues.


Some priests (gay or not) abstain from sex altogether. Other old gay priests carry with them the impact of incomprehension or even hostility  they had experienced in the middle of last century. During their adolescence they struggled  with their own unwanted orientation until they developed an escape ideology. It contains misogyny and an aversion to anything that has to do with other people's sex life.


One can recognize these refugees by their opposition to any change in the church that could jeopardize this ideology, by their opposition especially to change that affects celibacy, family life, married priests and remarried couples. At meetings these prepossessed starting point are not receptive for theological or rational arguments. It is the mirror of posttraumatic stress disorder.


The mentioned particular prepossessed starting points are to find on the agenda of a symposium on the priesthood in Rome February 2022. There will be no room for dialogue or difference of opinion. Those present are supposed  to agree silently.


Participants may discover to be affected by the same PTSD as the organizers and that they better keep silent wherever other people talk about celibacy, family life, married priests and remarried couples or abstain from such places altogether.


Ed Schreurs


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