When Pope Francis took office at the Vatican in 2013, he spoke of the need for a field hospital.


That statement takes on special meaning when you follow French journalist Frederick Martel through more than 2,000 interviews he conducted with priests, bishops and prelates between 2014 and 2019.


He notes that the adherence to celibacy within Roman Catholic hierarchy has led not only to the formation of the largest homosexual community in the world but also, unfortunately and unintentionally, to mental deviations such as misogyny, pedophilia, double standards and/or an aversion to sex in general among a large number of interviewees.


It seems inevitable that bishops with one or more of these deviations will not be able to make objective judgments on topics related to adolescent issues, to the position of women, to family formation or marriage. Thus, at conferences where these bishops are in the majority, no useful decision can be expected.


 The Roman Catholic Church seems to need a hospital with experts who know how to reverse developmental disorders of homosexuals. If such experts are untraceable, the only alternative is to entrust decision making on said issues to non-celibates.This alternative proposal may fit on the agenda of conferences on the synodality path.




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