Charter of a Christian

- As Christian I feel called to use my talents for my own development and  in order to be valuable for others.
- I am challenged to get well informed about good and evil and than to follow the judgment of my own conscience.
- For me all people deserve respect and equal opportunities, regardless of gender, nationality, language, ethnic origin, sexual inclination, age, social status or convictions.
- I am committed to promote freedom of expression, including disagreement, while respecting the rights, the opinions and the dignity of others. This includes the freedom to explore the value of religious theories.
- I respect all family forms, including those which differ from my own family.
- When ever possible, I will promote social justice within my reach and support the application of human rights  in communities and in the world at large.
- I commit mysef  to participate in dialogues on the aim of living and working, on forbearance and how to practice the gospel.
- My children and grandcildren will get adequate information about the Christian faith, about religion in general and about everything they need to know in order to become good people and to avoid addictions, violence an abuse.
 - As much as possible, I will try to protect nature, save energy and reduce the use of plastic and other pollution.
 - When I find a christian communiy of my liking, I will proativily partcipate in decision making and  help to make it inspiring to friendship, solidarity and supportive for living the gospel.


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