Alternative dream

Alternative dreaming



Faithful citizens in pews and processions are clinging to fairy tales; these stories enable them to dream and escape the hardships of everyday life. Education might endanger these dreams. Rational analysis in many fields reveals opportunities for progress. In the field of fairy tales it causes confusion instead of progress. The result is disbelief, indifference, anger or a mixture of these. Some of those who have overcome the emotional reactions, will protest trying to have changes made to structures based on fairy tales. They stick to have their wishes formulated and reformulated for as long as they live, even if they see no result after many years of action.



An alternative is to participate in the development of a view on Christian life  with the accent on autonomous conscience, social justice and saving the planet like youth is asking on conferences, with demonstrations and on you tube. Denominations don’t count but  the determination to focus  on pro-active behaviour in private and in social life and politics.  They start with dialogues, aim at representative gatherings and will show the joy of living for one another. They offer a new dream, the dream to lose themselves in working the well being of everybody, for justice done to needy people and in action to save the planet.







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