Future Christian


 The future Christian tries to find the path of Jesus

 by listening only to those who follow the same route


The future Christian is the child of the traditional Christian

 who is constantly ignoring all deviations.


The future Christian prays tacitly on his own

 not at the start or the end of activities

 nor on request in a church or somewhere else


The future Christian may organize a few feast meals

 not with  a big community but with family and friends

 not in a unfamiliar building but at home behind closed doors.


The future Christian has reason to celebrate

the renewal of life every year with a festive meal

but also the liberation from oppression, 

the pearl of innate and acquired talents and

the remembrance of those who have already traveled the road.


The future Christian is not recognizable

by the frequency of attending church celebrations or

by being entered in a baptismal register

but by tolerant and helpful behavior


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